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Wheat straw

123.60 /palet

4.12€ /ball

1 palet ≈ 600kg = 30 bales of ~12 kg

In addition to your hay, the wheat straw is ideal for cows, sheeps and goats. French production and environmentaly friendly.

Compressed hay format. Delivered in France by palet.


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Nutritional qualities :
0,35 UF to 0,40 UF. Bedding, food supplement and substitute Horses, cattle, and goats

Wheat Straw
Food energy /kg de MSUF0,35 à 0,40
Total nitrogen value (% MS) MAT4
Phosphorus (g/kg de MS)0,7
Calcium (g/kg de MS)3,5


► Litter
► Cattle, goats and sheep: In addition to other fodder and cereals, and as a substitute.
► Hens: Drop a ball into chicken flocks and chicken coops to satisfy the need for pecking and reduce the risk of feather pecking.


► Space savings for transport and storage by two.
► Ease of handling thanks to a small size..
► Ease of distribution, balle rationable.
► Nutrient preservation guarantee : compression reduces hay oxidation by expelling the air.
► Assimilation improvement compacted slices require more bites and more salivation, in favor of a slower digestion.
► Feeling of grazing recovered, entertainment and well being.

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