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Crau Hay (2nde cut)

324.00 /palet

10.80€ /ball

1 palet ≈ 750kg = 30 bales of ~25 kg

Crau Hay AOC/PDO in second cut.

Crau hay for sport horses, foals, cows, sheeps, goats.
Hay delivered by courier truck. Compressed haystack


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Nutritional properties :
From 11 to 13 % protein. 0,64 UF to 0,75 UF. Very well balanced in nutrients and minerals for dairy cows, goats, and sheep because it increases milk production while maintaining good health in the animals. Crau hay is well-suited for racing trotters and sport horses, broodmares, and foals because it is rich in protein.

Crau Hay 2nd Cut
Food energy /kg de MSUFL0.75
Food energy /kg de MSUFV0.66
Nitrogen value g/kg de MSMADC65
Phosphorus (g/kg de MS)3
Calcium (g/kg de MS)11


► Horses: for a 450 kg horse = 8 kg of hay/day in 2 meals (with a supplement) or 12 kg (100% hay).
► Sheep, goats, cattle: 2 to 3 kg of Crau hay 2nd raw cut / day in 2 meals.
► Rabbits and rodents: at will (count on 35 to 40g per kilo of the animal per day).


► Space savings for transport and storage by two.
► Ease of handling thanks to a small size..
► Ease of distribution, balle rationable.
► Nutrient preservation guarantee : compression reduces hay oxidation by expelling the air.
► Assimilation improvement compacted slices require more bites and more salivation, in favor of a slower digestion.
► Feeling of grazing recovered, entertainment and well being.

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