The impact of transport being different depending on your department, knowing your locality allows us to calculate your delivery price as accurately as possible.

Terms of Delivery

Please read this entire page to be aware of the delivery conditions. If the delivery cannot be made because of a failure on the following points, the return of goods will be made at your expense.

Accessibility to your storage room

  • Make sure that delivery vehicles are accessible to your site by looking at its dimensions: See images
  • Possibility for the truck to unload without blocking traffic

Carrier truck 19 tons

Carrier truck
12 meters long
4,50 meters height
3 meters width
19 tons, for 1 to 2 palets.

  • For the unloading of the pallets: The ground must be concreted or tarred, without gravel in order to allow the handling of the pallet lifters with small wheels.

Mandatory presence of a person

For the delivery, please be sure that some is there to receive the goods.

Unloading area

  • A pallet measures 1.10m x 1.20m with a height of 2.15m
  • A full pallet of hay weighs about 1 ton.
  • The delivery man unloads the pallet at the foot of the truck.
  • The unloading area must be firm (concrete, tar) and must support a load of at least 1260kg

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